I prepare my hospitalization

Relevant formalities and documents for your hospitalization or consultation

To be totally or partially covered by your healthcare provider, you have to schedule a pre-admission before your hospitalization or consultation.

Your admission can be completed :

  • at the admission office of the hospital
  • at the medical reception for the following services: gynecology and obstetrics in Challans, the hospitalization service of Machecoul and the post-acute care and rehabilitation service of Saint Gilles Croix de Vie

In case of an emergency hospitalization, your admission will be resolved upon arrival.

  • The required supporting documents to bring are the following:
  • your ID (national identity card, passport, driver’s license, family record book, resident card, resident permit)
  • your health insurance card (or the valid healthcare coverage attestation). For children under 16, the health insurance card of the adult in charge
  • your double-sided “mutuelle” or complementary healthcare card, effective from the date of your consultation or hospitalization

Other documents have to be provided depending of your situation:

Minor childFamily record book
Illegal foreign nationals in France
(Mayotte excluded)
Valid attestation of “Aide Médicale d’État”
(State Medical Aid)
EU nationalsEuropean Health Insurance Card or private insurance card
Without healthcare coverage:
- in case of a scheduled consultation or hospitalization
- If you are in a precarious situation, please report it as quickly as possible so a solution can be found with the professionals who will help you assert your rights.
- Provisional payment based on the duration of the hospitalization or the treatment provided
- Any other necessary documents in your possession

You will stay in a private room

The hospital offers private rooms.
In this case, you will be notified upon admission, and charged should you wish to accept to stay in a private room.
The private room assignment may depend on availability and necessities of the service.
Please contact your healthcare provider for details on your coverage.

Hospitalization or consultation at a liberal medical professional office

In addition to their public service duties, some physicians practice a liberal professional activity in the hospital.
If you want to be treated in this case, you will need to enquire at the physician office and accept their fees.

Money and valuables

We advise you not to bring valuables.
A central safe is available if you want to store small size valuables. The stored objects would need to be retrieved at the Public Treasury Office of Challans when leaving the hospital.